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Swedish classics


"Projects like these are the best I know! To be able to choose from all the fantastic patterns and then create the finest there is - summer dresses. And to also do it together with people who love hand crafts just as much as we at Jumperfabriken. Wonderful!"

- Elisabeth Synnes, Designer at Jumperfabriken


Jumperfabriken believes in sustainable fashion! We love crafts, classic patterns and Swedish-produced fashion. In the project "Swedish classics", we can in the spring of 2022 proudly present the collaboration we have begun with Almedahls and Borås Cotton, as well as the friends at the Textile Factory in Borås. We have designed limited edition collection consisting of summer dresses and hats made from deadstock fabrics in lovely patterns from Almedahls and Borås Cotton - handmade by the team at Textilfabriken in Borås. With the project we want to show that it is actually possible to produce fashion locally in addition to celebrating some of the beautiful classic patterns we have in Sweden.

The collection "Swedish classics" consists of the dress "Angela" and the sun hat "Bucket hat". The garments are sewn from fabric from Almedahls and Borås Cotton in four classic patterns:

  • Olle Eksell - Italian flower shelf (Almedahls)
  • Marianne Westman - Picnic (Almedahls)
  • Ulla Bodin - The Hunt (Almedahls)
  • Sven Fristedt - Layers (Borås Cotton)

  • The collection will be available at jumperfabriken.se from mid of may. The garments are sewn in a limited edition

    The collection "Swedish classics" consists of the dress "Angela", the skirt "Gretchen" and the sun hats "Bucket hat" and "Gulmaj hat". The garments are made of fabric from Almedahls and Borås Cotton in four classic patterns:

  • Olle Eksell - Italiensk blomsterhylla (Almedahls)
  • Marianne Westman - Picknick (Almedahls)
  • Ulla Bodin - Jakten (Almedahls)
  • Sven Fristedt - Lager (Borås Cotton)

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