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Production & Sustainability

Jumperfabriken is a Swedish clothing company with a focus on high-quality garments in natural materials where the collections are timeless and durable.

"When Jumperfabriken was founded, I was really tired of the fashion industry. The grind and throw away mentality that prevailed then did not feel good at all. More and more poor quality clothing was being produced — frighteningly mostly made of polyester and other plastic materials. So, in pure protest, I founded a slower, more thoughtful fashion brand with garments created from natural materials. With inspiration from the time when clothes were a craft that was knitted and sewn to last a long time and withstand the wear and tear of the eye."

Elisabeth Synnes, founder and designer, Jumperfabriken Sweden AB

We create modern, durable garments with a feminine cut inspired by the fashion of the 60s and 70s, clothes to love today and for the rest of your life. We believe in slow fashion and call our style Modern Vintage — taking the best from the past into the future.

Our clothes do not have a "best before date" but last both in terms of quality and fashion throughout the years. At Jumperfabriken, we believe in the timeless and thoughtful. We create modern garments with a feminine cut inspired by times gone by. Our idea is that you build your wardrobe piece by piece and that patterns, fit and colors feel current regardless of season or year.

At Jumperfabriken, we don't want to create buying urges or entice our customers to shop just for the sake of it. Take care of your favourites, and you'll have a bunch of friends in your wardrobe for a long time to come!


Honestly, working sustainably is complicated. We want to produce our garments as sustainably as possible and aim to do so, but it is impossible to do everything right at once. What we are already doing is to a large extent work with natural materials such as wool and cotton in high quality. Where we can, we use materials and accessories that are certified with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. We take small steps in the right direction every day with every garment in every collection and will continue to do so.


A STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification means that the product meets high human ecological requirements, i.e. does not contain chemicals in levels that are harmful to health.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is the most well-known and widespread brand in the world, therefore also the world's leading label for textiles, accessories and products that have been tested for the content of substances harmful to health.

For more detailed information:

https://www.ri.se/sv/vad-vi-gor/tjanster/standard-100-by-oeko-texr-produktmarkning-for- textilier-och-tillbehor


We take responsibility for your favorite garment being produced in the most sustainable way possible, for example by working only with a few, well-selected suppliers.

By having personal relationships with each supplier, we can ask questions in an uncomplicated way and ensure that we have good insight into the production and that those who work with our garments have a good and safe working environment.

Our garments are produced in countries such as: Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Sweden and China. Of course, we have signed agreements with all our partners so that they follow the applicable code of conduct regarding working conditions and the environment.

Our long-term goal is to be able to report information about every thread, zipper, button and color that is part of a garment, but the steps are many and the production complex. Having a fully transparent working method with sustainability will take time. But we can guarantee you that we are already doing our best to ensure sustainability from the sketch table to the finished product.


We are constantly working to reduce the use of plastic in our production. Nowadays we send all our web words in paper bags. We have two different sizes of our bags so that the package is just as big or small as each garment requires and we do not send air. In addition, the bags are easy to reuse, either for a possible return or as a nice gift bag!


When the garment is produced, it is sent to our warehouse in Mölndal outside Gothenburg. Production from Europe is shipped by truck and the vast majority of production from China is shipped by boat. The garments are always packed as tightly as possible to avoid unnecessary packaging and not take up too much space. All our online returns are sent back to the warehouse in Mölndal where the garments are inspected before being repackaged and put back on the shelf again. To avoid unnecessary returns, we ask you to think carefully about your order before clicking home the clothes you want.

Clothing care

Take care of your favorite clothes! If you take good care of your clothes, you will have a bunch of good friends in your closet for a long time to come. Read and follow the care instructions that are always on a label in your garments. We encourage all our customers to air, mend and care for their fine Jumper garments.


We are well aware that it is not sustainable as a clothing company to just keep producing new things all the time. We take our responsibility and make sure we have a plan for how we can take care of all the nice garments that are left over between different seasons and size ranges.

Part of the solution to creating sustainable processes is our recurring tradition of opening our archive on well-chosen occasions and giving our customers access to garments in odd sizes and models — fine clothes left over from previous seasons. Everyone is welcome to find durable clothes at an extra nice price for a limited period.

For several years now, we have also had a campaign in our Stockholm store that we named "Second Life". Here we create an opportunity for our customers to hand in Jumper favorites they no longer use, so that someone else gets the chance to give the clothes a new life. We usually carry out this reuse campaign twice a year — once for spring and summer garments and a turn with slightly warmer garments in autumn or winter.

Jumperfabriken priorities:

Our garments are well-tailored and timeless, designed to feel just as nice and modern regardless of year or season. We create garments that last a lifetime and can then be passed on to future generations.

The collections we create are always connected. We make it easy for you to build a wardrobe with durable favourites. When you invest in a garment from Jumperfabriken, you get an elaborate garment that you feel well-dressed, comfortable and stylish in.

Our garments are versatile and can be combined with each other. The favorite cardigan works as an outer garment over the dress on a cool summer evening and smoothly becomes a warming layer under the winter coat when the season gets colder. Our garments stay in the wardrobe — stay and stay with us.

We encourage clothing care. Weather, cook and care for your favorites to last a long time.

We encourage our customers to hand in, sell or exchange Jumper garments they no longer use. Our garments endure and deserve a second life with new customers if they are not used enough by the first.

We choose to work with materials that are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® to the greatest extent possible.


The video above depicts our partner ECT located in Guimarães Portugal. They sew part of our knitwear production, including Celia Dot, which you can see being cut to in the film.